Optical Bonding

邦定系列Bodun’s optical bonding techniques provide an upgraded solution for the enhancement of LCD displays. The bonding process can dramatically improve the readability of displays under outdoor environments. Compared to the traditional high brightness solution, optical bonding doesn’t change the original design of displays, only applying an optical process on the surface of the screen. It saves energy by requiring lower power supply as well as protects viewers’ eyes.

While providing exceptional optical performance, it also increases the ruggedness of displays and enhances their mechanical properties with improved shock resistance and heat dissipation. Bonding technology, well suited for both glass and plastic, can be combined with shielding and/or heating functions, which offers comprehensive solutions to meet requirements under adverse ambient conditions.

Optical Bonding


  • Improving the sunlight readability of displays
  • Physical optical enhancement, zero energy consumption
  • High impact and vibration resistance, good heat dissipation
  • Functionally compatible with shielding and/or heater
  • Reversible process, maximum protection of LCDs
  • Optimizing the displays’ optical and mechanical performance

Basic Design